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Sunrise Auto Tech

3103 N IH35 Suite #400

Round Rock, TX 78664





Sunrise Autotech and Towing is a certified company based in Round Rock, TX (North of Austin), with more than 10 years experience in the automotive industry.

We offer a wide variety of Repairs, Maintenance, Towing services, and Parts Sales.

We are dedicated professionals always looking forward to serve our clients with the up most quality. Our technicians and drivers count on skilled professional certification on different levels.

Here at our facility we offer all these services under one roof, so that we're able to give a 100% guaranty on the work that is done on your vehicle. Therefore giving our clients a peace of mind and making their priorities ours as well. Not to mention always meeting or beating our clients expectations weather you're a new o returning client. We also offer a variety of discounts on returning visits for repairs, towing service and many more.

Come on down and visit us today and let us know how we may serve you, for more information please contact us and we'll gladly do our best to provide the information you're inquiring about.


Our mission is to gain loyal clientele by offering the very best care and solutions with the help of our knowledge and services.

These services would consist of general automotive repairs, maintenance, parts and towing. Always with the best interest in protecting your economy without sacrificing quality and keeping the client informed with the most updated information on their vehicle.

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